On 10/07/2002 06:32 PM, Kek Le Rouge wrote:
> Hello, I have configured a pop sever on my PC, and I'd like to enable poeple 
> to read ther mails from a http server (for those who haven't outlook in fact)
> Well, I manage to print the subjets of the mail, but if appears like that:
> pardon, j'ai tout =?iso-8859-15?q?effac=E9?=
> So, I'd love to find a function who would convert that into this
> pardon, j'ai tout effacé
> (sorry this is french, but ,well, it doesn't matter)
> Does this function exists, and else, where could I find the way to decript 
> it... 

That is q-encoding. You may want to try this MIME message composing and 
sending class that among other things can encode headers to support 
specific encodings:



Manuel Lemos

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