Yes, you're right. You might want to turn off the forced SSL temporarily 
to debug this, if that's possible. Nothing other than your browser or 
the Web server will be able to show you the HTTP communication over SSL, 
because it's all trash to everything in between.

There may be settings in Opera that can help you debug things; I'm not 
sure. I am not aware of any browser that does that for you, though it 
would be very handy. I wrote an HTTP proxy in PHP for my own use in such 
affairs. Email me if you would like to try it to see if it helps.


John W. Holmes wrote:

>>You may find this very usefull:
>Wouldn't everything be encrypted, though, since it's over SSL? Including
>the headers?
>Unfortunately, the way they set up the server, it will not process any
>unsecured requests now.

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