Yes, I agree. Besides, Justin had a similar idea (with yours).

But, I was trying to help with the "alignment" problem--might even be useful
somewhere else... ;)

- E

On Tuesday, October 8, 2002 1:26 PM
Thoenen, Peter Mr. EPS wrote:
> What you want is:
> What I dont' understand is why you are using a POST for this. why not just
> do something like below and get rid of the form competely.
> <div style="width: 15%; float: left; text-align: center">
>   <a href="<?PHP $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']?>?CS=Customer%20Service"><img
> src="images/cs-bttn.jpg" alt="cs"/>
> </div>
> Will pass your var just like before and much much cleaner :)

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