Perhaps, you can take them off then?

I think you can use str_replace() to replace them with "".

- E

"Ivo Stoykov" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi
> I have following problem.
> Some data retreived from mysql db I need to send to the user as a *.csv
> file. Usually I separate fields (usually double quoted) with comma (,) or
> semicolomn (;) and the records with cr/lf (Windows)
> It works fin until I do not have cr/lf in any of the fields.
> Unfortunately the last field is TEXT type and may have more that one cr/lf
> inside (as data). When this is the case the *,csv file cannot be open
> correctly in Excel. If there are cr/lf in any field it is split in Excel
> a separate row and the record structure is broken.\
> Any idea how could solve this? Thank you
> Ivo

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