It works fine with me on 4.2.3. Try it.


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I have a very odd problem with PHP 4.22 (no acceleration) and Apache 1.3:

Getimagesize fails to see an image from URL randomly (1 out of 8 tries),
although the image is definitely there (trust me) and the server is under
zero load.

I tried also urlExists() from and it has the same
problem - but even worse. Apache seems to reject PHP's file function
queries in random basis. Clearstatcache() does not seem to make any

If I just show the photos without getimagesize it shows ok every time, so
it is apparently not Apache's problem. It seems that PHP does not
interprete Apache's responses properly.

On other physical server I have PHP 4.0.6¨/ Apache 1.3, and with identical
code when checking the same photos (from the "faulty" server) Getimagesize
gets them right every time.

Also, on Windows PHP 4.2 / Apache 1.3 all works perfectly.

I have not updated to 4.23 to see if there's anything fixed there because
4.23 has reportedly POST corruption problems, and changelog does not say
anything about image check function fixes.

Any clues?



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