Hello there,

I yesterday took a project where I am required to use CVS to get my files 
over to the real server. I have never used CVS before. As a matter of fact, 
I don't even understand the basic idea behind it (other than that it keeps 
track of files in a central repository). I just tried a few basic commands, 
but I don't even understand when I'm in my server and when I'm manipulating 
the files of the remote server :)

The drill is that I have to upload the files to my server (via FTP), then 
log in via command line and then I can log in to the remote server via CVS, 
and upload my files.

As I mentioned, I don't even have a basic understanding of CVS, so the 
manuals and tutorials on the web I found so far have not done me much good. 
Does anybody have any helpful links that could give me an overview of the 
basics and also perhaps give me somewhatly deeper knowledge of it later on.


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