Responding to my own message. This is making me a little ticked. I can't
think it through. Here's exactly what I need:

There are a bunch of series of files (A series, B series, and so on) that
are to be released on the first, second, third, fourth, or (if it exists for
that month) fifth Friday of a given month. The A series does not necessarily
get released on the same Friday of each month as the B series, so the A
series could come out on the fourth Friday, while the B series comes out on
the third and the C on the fifth, etc. or whatever. I need to know the
Next_Release_Friday of a specified series.

If there are only four Fridays that month, all those fifth-Friday releases
happen on the fourth Friday.

Obviously, if a file is released on the first Friday and it so happens that
the first Friday for this month has passed, the Next_Release_Friday will be
next month, and if it's December, the Next_Release_Friday will be next
year's January.

Does everybody follow me? It's even confusing trying to ask the question,
let alone derive the proper date.

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