On Tuesday 08 October 2002 20:08, Mark Colvin wrote:
> I have just upgraded php from 4.0.6 to 4.2.3. Everything works OK apart
> from the line below -
> echo '<td colspan="2" rowspan="2" align="center"><img alt="No Image to
> display." src="thumbnail.php?image=00042.jpg" valign="top"/></td>';
> The thumbnail.php script uses php functions imagecreate,
> imagecreatefromjpeg, imagecopyresized. The script created a thumbnail OK
> before the upgrade and now I get no image. Is this because php has to be
> configured with the GD Library?

If you had error reporting ON, it would be pretty obvious if that was the 
problem (you would either see the error on screen or it would be in the 

Use phpinfo() to find out whether PHP was compiled with GD library support.

> If so, can I add this in without having to
> reinstall php? I am running on a Red Hat 7.2 box.

If it wasn't, you would have to reconfigure/recompile PHP (after installing 
the GD library).

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