Hkan wrote:

>I just reinstalled the system and everything on my computer, and thought I
>should get the latest versions of apache, php and mysql, and now I get this
>message everywhere on my pages.. hehe.. :P
>how do I "define variables" ?
If you have reinstalled with latest versions, maybe your earlier version 
had register_globals on. Its off by default in newer versions (see the 
README with your source). Either turn it on or better, use $var = 
$_GET['varname'] for GET variables and $var = $_POST['varname'] for 
POSTED variables.

The "undefined" means that you are using a variable before giving it a 
value. Probably caused by the above, but you may also have errors set at 
E_ALL. This is good for development as it gives warnings, not just errors.


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