Yes, is there an issue? Just see my post under

RE: [PHP] For my next bug... Upload filename gets blanked out

Of a couple minutes ago


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> From: Hendrik Daldrup [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: 08 October 2002 20:15
> Subject: [PHP] Bugs in php 4.2.3.?
> Hi,
> i recently had a problem with a script on a server, which uses php
> I couldn't find the problem and so installed it on a different server
> and it worked right away.
> Only difference on that server was: php 4.2.2.
> I checked some sites and it seems there are some issues with postnuke,
> xoops and several other scripts with php 4.2.3.
> Is this a known bug, or is it like the register_globals thing,
> where you either need to update the script or set it to "On" in
> Regards,
> Hendrik
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