Hi Darren--

4.3 is not out yet; the reference is to the current CVS version (which
will, eventually, become 4.3, I suppose), which you can check out and
use, although it is not an "official" release and will therefore
probably be a bit unstable (I've been running it on my dev server for a
while without much in the way of problems).

An alternative would be to compile the curl library in a 4.2 release and
use that one to pull SSL pages.


On Tue, 2002-10-08 at 18:49, Darren Gamble wrote:
> Good day,
> I'm trying to create a PHP app to connect to a remote port that uses SSL.
> According to the documentation for fsockopen() ...
> As of PHP 4.3.0, if you have compiled in OpenSSL support, you may prefix the
> hostname with either 'ssl://' or 'tls://' to use an SSL or TLS client
> connection over TCP/IP to connect to the remote host. 
> I don't see a 4.3.0 version available for download.  The CVS changelog
> refers to a 4_3 branch someplace, so I presume I could get this feature by
> compiling from CVS, but there are a number of other applications that
> upgrading could break so I'd like to try to avoid using CVS if possible.
> Is there any other way to do this via PHP, other than calling stunnel via a
> shell command and using fsockopen to the unencrypted endpoint?  I have
> Googled and searched though the PHP site, but I haven't come up with
> anything else.
> I don't need to supply a client certificate, if that helps any...
> Thanks in advance,
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