Wednesday, October 9, 2002, 1:24:31 AM, you wrote:
JD> In the INSTALL file notes for PHP is says:

JD> "1: Only install either the static module or the dynamic one.  Do not
JD>    install both."

JD> No reasoning is given for this statement.  Does anyone know what the reason
JD> for this is?

JD> The reason I want to know is because I run both the Apache module and the
JD> static cgi module on my server and I haven't had any problems.  I have the
JD> cgi module for running php scripts as cron jobs.

JD> Anyone know why the statement?

JD> Thanks,
JD> Jonathan Duncan

They are not talking about the cgi version, they mean don't compile
php into apache as a permanent module and also try to load it as a
dynamic one at the same time.... cgi is treated as a completely seperate
program so it can co-exist with an internal apache php module.


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