Bogdan Stancescu wrote:

> Anyway, I don't expect this message to gain me a reply to my original 
> question - just wanted to explain myself for whoever has the curiosity 
> to find out why I reacted like that. There.

There are many reasons why people do not reply. In my case it is sheer 
ignorance, I don't know the answer or anything that can help.

You are asking questions about how the internals of php work, I imagine 
most on this list are users rather than php developers. Unless I had 
examined extensively the source code, I would not know the answers to 
what you ask.

The php-dev list sounds the sort of place where most will have examined 
the source code, though whether it is a good idea to ask there I do not 
know. At least, being open source, it is possible to look at it yourself 
if you do not find anyone who does know.



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