Try this..

select, u.lname as lastname, u.frname as firstname, ... etc

oh and the reason you get an error is that you can't have a dot in a
variable etc...

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Hi all,

I need a bit of quick help here....
I've joined 2 tables together with this code here:

$result=mysql_query("select, u.cid, u.lname, u.fname, u.vld,,
c.cname from tblclient u, tblcompany c where u.vld=1 and u.cid =",$db);

then I put it into an array:

while ($row=mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
print "<tr><td>$row[UName]</td><td>$row[FName]

but the $row[xxx] aren't displaying any info, if I put $row[u.unam] it
returns an error. I run the SQL query in phpmyadmin and it runs fine,
returning 2 results how do I access those results through an array???

- inpho -

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