What i usually do, is make a file layout.php with a couple of 
functions, header() footer() etc.

then i include ('layout.php') and call the functions when i need them

and i can send things to the header, like the page title etc.

include ('layout.php');

i hope this is about what you mean


On Thursday, Oct 10, 2002, at 23:00 US/Eastern, Leif K-Brooks wrote:

> I've been using php for a while now, and I've made plenty of web sites 
> in that time.  But there's been a nagging problem: the best way to put 
> a
> layout and global code on each page.  My first site had two .txt files 
> with header and footer code which were fopen()ed (with absolute 
> paths!) and eval()ed on each page at the top and bottom - not the best 
> option! Even if I include()d them and made them .php, that approach 
> would still
> have some problems.  No way to get the global code without the layout, 
> and no way to die() and use the layout in functions without knowing 
> what
> variables it needs (for globalizing them).  Right now, I'm doing 
> something like this:
>    <?php
>    include("include.php"); //This contains the database connection code
>    and whatever other global code, as well as the layout functions.
>    doheader(); //This function contains the top of the layout.
>    //Do whatever the page does
>    dofooter(); //This function contains the bottom of the layout
>    ?>
> There are still problems with this, though.  No way to use global code 
> at the bottom of the page, for one thing.  I've also considered 
> something like:
>    <?php
>    $uselayout = true; //Set whether this page wants the layout or not.
>    include("include.php");
>    headercode(); //Database connection and whatever other global code
>    that goes at the top, as well as the layout if $uselayout is true.
>    //Whatever this page does goes here.
>    footercode(); //Whatever global code that goes at the bottom goes
>    here, as well as the layout if $uselayout is true.
>    ?>
> I can't find any problems with this approach, what are everyone;'s 
> thoughts on this?
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Jule Slootbeek

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