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>"-<[ Rene Brehmer ]>-" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>    Firstname Middlename Last-name
>> But I want the last namepart after the slash (-name) to also start
>> with a capital letter.
>Just read the comments on ucwords() in the PHP manual, especially the
>one from Joerg Krause. He writes:
>| None of the examples above recognizes characters normally used as
>| delimiters. The following uses a regular expression, which is easy to
>| extend, to create an array with the parts of a text. Then it runs the
>| ucfirst-function for each part an implode the array:
>| $text = "What?No delimiters,shit happens here.this solves all problems.";
>| preg_match_all("/(\w+[,. ?])+/U", $text, $words);
>| foreach($words[0] as $part) $uwords[] = ucfirst($part);
>| $text = implode("", $uwords);
>| echo $text;
>All you have to do is adding the "-" to the character class.
>> Isn't there some easy way to do this? If I have to go through a FOR
>> routine, it kinda ruins the idea of ucwords() in the first place, so
>> I'd rather avoid that if at all possible.
>I doubt the loop will be much slower than ucwords().
>> Also, I'd like it to correctly be able to also correctly capitalize
>> Irish and Scottish names (like O'Connor, and MacDonald).
>The O'Connor is no problem, just add "'" to the character class. The
>MacDonald is a bit harder to solve. The above function will be of no
>help, and just matching for "Mac\w*" won't work since it would also
>match other names like "Macke". I think you will have to match these
>names against a list of possible words with mid word capitalization.
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