On Fri, 11 Oct 2002, Sharat Hegde wrote:

>-I am having a problem at my ISP relating to execution of PHP commands from 
>-the crontab command. My ISP told me to have a look at the following URL, but 
>-despite following these instructions, the crontab job is not being executed.
>-The crontab command line works from the shell prompt and I am able to 
>-execute the php command from the command line as well as the lynx command - 
>-no problems with that.
>-Any ideas on how to get the crontab to execute the PHP commands?

Ensure you have specified the php program in the first line, I am sure you
did this but here is how I do it.

#!/usr/local/bin/php -q

Make sure it is a fully specified pathname to the php executable.  Crontab
all too often does not have knowledge of your path environment so may get
lost if you just say "php."

Make sure you really do have a php executable.  This is what will compile
if you do not specify any configuration directives during the ./configure

Tell us how you do.

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