> Anyone got any ideas as to how I can solve the following in PHP?
> I want to be able to select a file, and convert it from sox format to
> or
> WAV, and then play it in the requestors browser? Can this be achieved
> an
> easy way?
> The problem I have is to be able to call  up lame/sox or similar tools
> the linux web server, and once the newly converted file is available,
> throw
> it at the requesting browser as a file download?

Use exec or backticks to execute your program that does the conversion
and writes the new file, then send the mp3,wav, etc headers and send the
data from the newly created file. 

Depending on how long the conversion takes, you may want to redirect the
user to the file after a certain amount of time and let the browser
handle it. 

---John Holmes...

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