Hi Christian,

I am not 100% sure cos i am doing this from my head but your SELECT 
query would have to look like this:

SELECT TableA.FieldA2 FROM TableA, TableB WHERE TableA.FieldA1 != 

btw. Wouldn`t be easier to use more informative Table and Field names..?
Hope it works,

Best regards,

Davy Obdam

Christian Ista wrote:

>I'm probably sleepy because I can't do a very easy query. :(
>I have 2 tables TableA(FieldA1, FieldA2, FieldA3) and TableB(FieldB1,
>FieldB2, FieldB3).
>I'd like to see the TableA records (FieldA2) where the FieldA1(Primary
>key) not exist in TableB(FieldB2). I tried "not exists" without success.
>Could you help me ?

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