There are a few PHP calendars:

for example, that you can start from. It should be relatively easy then
to write a small table that contains just one field:

Date (datetime)

All you do is insert a row in the db for each day that is booked and
then whenever you have to check just hit the database: if there is a row
corresponding to the day you're checking, then the day is booked,
otherwise it isn't.

This is kind of the short version, but hopefully it should give you
enough to get going!



On Sun, 2002-10-13 at 07:48, Ray Healy (Data Net Services) wrote:
> Hi All
> I have been trying to write a database and scripts for a calendar that shows which 
>days are booked and have failed at each point.
> What i would like it to do is to show a calendar which have the dates that are 
>booked in a cell which are colour coded (say red) when it is unavailable and say 
>white when available.
> The admiministartor should be able to enter multiple dates at a time (say a holiday 
>is booked for 5 days). perhaps a section for nortes that is only available for admin 
>use only would be handy.
> An option to view 2 months at a time or perhaps the whole year would also be nice.
> I have downloaded various scripts and tried to write my own but I cannot seem to be 
>able to enter multiple dates or colour code the output.
> Can anyone help me or perhaps someone already has a script & database that does this 
>and would be willing to share.
> Otherwise it there a script already out there that will do this - all the one that I 
>can find seem to do too much by allowing multiple users and storing a lot more data 
>which is something I do nort need.
> Any help would be appreciated as I am tearing my hair out at the moment.
> Thanks for your time
> Ray Healy

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