Sorry, that should be window.opener.location.reload() instead of refresh().

Owen Prime wrote:

> You will have to use mainly Javascript for this. What I have done in the
> past is:
> STEP 1.
> In the <form> tag put a onSubmit argument which does a This
> should pop up a small window which you can use writeln() to add content to
> it. Like your 'Uploading...' message or an image.
> STEP 2.
> Also in the onSubmit argument, set = the new window name. This
> will make the form post to the popup window.
> STEP 3
> When the file is finished uploading, I get the PHP to output the
> javascript: window.opener.refresh(); // Refreshes the main window
> window.opener.focus();   // Brings the main window to the top
> window.close();          // Closes the popup window.
> This should sort you out.
> Cheers,
> Owen Prime
> Monty wrote:
>> For a form that allows people to upload image files to the server, I'd
>> like to pop open a small browser window with an "Uploading..." message
>> once someone clicks on Submit button. Then I'd like the window to
>> automatically close once the process is done and the main browser window
>> refreshes.
>> Can this be done with PHP or should I be using Javascript? If there are
>> any examples of how to do this online, I'd appreciate the URL.
>> Thanks!


Owen Prime

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