Have a look at the fopen() function in the FileSystem Function section of 
the Docs. fopen() can open a file over http:// and I imagine it returns 
FALSE if it cant open it. If it doesn't return false, you could analyse the 
headers in $http_response_header.

Hope this helps.


Owen Prime

Adrian Slusarczyk wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm kinda new to PHP and have the following problem: In a function, I want
> to verify whether a
> file exists before I go on, and if it doesn´t, return false and stop right
> there. So I tried
> if(!file_exists($my_file)) {
> return false;
> exit;
> }
> But since $my_file is a URL, it doesn´t work. Does anybody know how to do
> this so it works with URLs, i.e. w/o using file_exists() ?
> Thx!

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