Hi Russ,

> I've installed Apache on my Win 2000 machine and 
> farley happy that works but just cant get PHP to work.

Fairly happy or absolutely happy?

If, when you surf to, you don't see Apache's welcome
message (or whatever page you've put there), it isn't working.

> I followed all of the instructions and well don't 
> know what to do next! Tied doing this several times 
> and the scripts are just there for all to see on
> the web browser!

Are you trying or
c:\localhost\htdocs\myscript.php? Only the first will work.

> So I moved the PHP.ini to the apache directory, I put 
> it in the WINNT! But that just did nothing!

It might be WINNT\SYSTEM32 or WINNT\SYSTEM - give those a go (check the
instructions again to make sure).

Don't forget to restart Apache after making any changes to your PHP setup.


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