How about something like this:

if ($_SESSION["temp"] > 0) ?

Or if you want to be really sure:

if ($_SESSION["temp"] > 0 && $_SESSION["temp"] != "")

OR....if you want to be sure the value is a number as well:

if ($_SESSION["temp"] > 0 && $_SESSION["temp"] != "" &&


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Subject: [PHP] Argh! nulls un stuff.. 

ok going mad all I need to do is check a variable and if it has a number
in it then do something, so anything from 0 up, but it keeps thinking 0
is null and failing, anyway around this? or am I just being stupid as

$_SESSION["temp"] = 0;
$tempVar = 0;

if($_SESSION["temp"] !=""){ echo "!= condition<br>"; }
if(isset($_SESSION["temp"])){ echo "isset condition<br>";}
if(isset($tempVar)){ echo "tempVar isset condition<br>";} if($tempVar
!=""){ echo "tempVar != condition<br>";} if(!empty($tempVar)){ echo
"tempVar !empty condition<br>";}

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