probably register globals is turned off in php.ini for the new PHP version....

instead of:
echo $id;
echo $_SERVER['id'];


Gary wrote:

> There is not  real code to catch it. It is passed to a hidden field in a
> form, echoing the id number and then a query based on id. Very simple
> and has worked form php3 through 4.06. That is why I was wondering if I
> had something turned off in the ini for 4.2.3. The links form the other
> page is showing up in the url <a href=\"edart.php?id=$id\">edit</a>.
> Gary
> Brad Bonkoski wrote:
> > How about a code snippet of how you are retrieving the variable?
> > -Brad
> >
> > Gary wrote:
> >
> >
> >>Hello,
> >>  My host has upgraded to 4.2 but still uses the old ini setting. I am
> >>trying to rewrite my scripts so when the day comes for my host to make
> >>the change I will be ready. Everything has been going well till now. I
> >>have been passing an id through a url string. Now when I try to pass the
> >>id it show up in the url but does nothing. If i check if it is
> >>set, it is not. IT is supposed to pass the id number to mysql on the
> >>linked page. I there something I am missing some new way or do I need to
> >>turn on something in the ini?
> >>
> >>TIA
> >>gary
> >>
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