Have you considered using md5() instead?

On Mon, 2002-10-14 at 16:27, Adam Plocher wrote:
> Hello, I am trying to authenticate a password using the crypt()
> function.  Here's what I got:
> if (crypt($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_PW'],$data[1]) == $data[1]) 
> {
>     ...
> }
> $data[1] being the salt..
> It half-way works... If the users password is 'blah' it will
> authenticate fine, but if you append anything to the end of the password
> string, it will still allow authentication (ie 'blah12345' will still
> work, even though the password is 'blah').  Completely random passwords
> do not work, so it seems to be doing SOME checking.  Any help would be
> very appreciated.
> Thanks
> -Adam

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