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% what's its use and how to use(Example)?

They're constants that identify where you are.  I use __FILE__ so that I
don't have to keep tweaking my code when working in the development

  # this will let us figure out where we are and then always source the right include 
  # it does not work with symlinks (__FILE__ reports the *target*)
  # you must have a full env tree in your devel tree; we now look exclusively in 
$DEVELDIR if set
  if ( ereg("/home/sites/\.php/",__FILE__) )            # are we *somewhere* in our 
usual master tree?
    { $DEVELDIR = preg_replace("|/.*/home/sites/\.php(.*)/[^/]*$|","$1",__FILE__) ; }  
 # get the working dir

  include("/home/sites/.php$DEVELDIR/");        # include our various 

Our repository is under /home/sites/.php and there are various
production, development, and test dirs under there.  No more hard-coding


in the code -- and, worse, forgetting to take it out when promoting
to production! :-)  [Yeah, I know that I should assign a variable
containing the "/home/sites/\.php/" string, but it's almost not worth
it in something that has to be self-contained like this and so I haven't
bothered :-]

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