This sounds a lot harder than it is, all you have to do is first of all make
some space ion your db then you need to cache searches that users have done.
Store the group of searches for unique users, then if someone does a search
match it against the cache and pop up all items which were retrieved by the
other cached searches for the other id's (you can build up the most popular
items if there are lots of matches)..
Amazon also caches your own searches and starts displaying groups of
products which they know you were interested in and related products, I
usually find them spot on so their logic is very good - it is bad for the
credit card though :(
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Gezz... This REALLY depends on your database design. You might want to track
item IDs and then store them together. There is a bit of logic play on this
one though..

Maxim Maletsky
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> Hi guys,
> Does anybody have a working example of doing the lists of 'People who 
> searched this also searched this!' that I see on Amazon and other 
> websites.
> Any help much appreciated!
> Randum Ian
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