On Tuesday 15 October 2002 12:54, Phil Clark wrote:
> I'm trying to insert the variable $hidden_manuf_id into a mysql_query()
> statement.
> If i do this:
> mysql_query("DELETE FROM product WHERE manufacturer=$hidden_manuf_id",$bb)
> or die(mysql_error());

That should work iff manufacturer is a number. Otherwise you need 

  "DELETE FROM product WHERE manufacturer='$hidden_manuf_id'"

> PHP server doesn't see the variable because it is inside the string
> quotes"".

Actually you DO need the double-quotes in order for PHP interpret 
$hidden_manuf_id as a variable.

What you really should do is split the above into two steps:

$query = "DELETE FROM product WHERE manufacturer=$hidden_manuf_id";
mysql_query($query, $bb) or die("Error in $query :: " . mysql_error());

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