Ühel ilusal päeval [14-10-2002 22:46] kirjutas John W. Holmes:
> > Hey do you guys know how to correct this problem with sending email?
> > 
> > A custumer uses mail() to send the email and it isn't deliverable. So
> the
> > message bounces. But since the local sendmail sent the email it thus
> > bounces
> > to root's mailbox instead of say the replyto address. Anyone know how
> to
> > correct it so that it sends the bounces to the person sending it? This
> is
> > on
> > a virtual host machine with hundreds of domains.
> The users probably need to set a FROM header in their mail
> $header = "FROM: [EMAIL PROTECTED]";
> mail($to,$subject,$body,$header);
> Then the bounce should go to that address.

There are two different headers -- the "From:" header and the "From"
header. Bounces go to the address specified in the "From" header. I
believe you must reconfigure your MTA to send different From header, i
don't think this can be set within PHP.


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