I'd separate out your shared PHP files and put them all in a directory
named say "my_php_lib".  Organize it like PEAR if you want...

Then for each of your sites set up the directory structure something like


where you've cvs-co'd my_php_lib.  Then add the following to your web
server config for the above site:

php_value include_path .:/path/to/site/my_php_lib:/usr/local/lib/php

Now phpgrid can just include("ldap_rol") without worrying where it is.

On 15 Oct 2002, [ISO-8859-1] José León Serna wrote:

> Hello, I would like to hear your experience about this matter:
> I have a lot of separate scripts and most of them need another script,
> for example:
> phpgrid
>    uses adodb
>    uses ldap_rol
> phplogin
>    uses ldap_rol
> And so on, I have a CVS server to store/develop single scripts, but I
> want to store them as full solutions, I mean, when I make a checkout I
> want to get the full working package, so I have duplicate files. What is
> the best way to manage this kind of development?
> Regards.

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