[sorry about this being kinda off topic, but hey :P if anyone knows of a
more appropriate place - let me know!]

I am looking for prospective employee's which a high level of PHP
experiance, with an interest in learning Java in the next few months.

Before I continue - the position is onsite in Preston, Lancashire, UK.
Sorry, we aren't looking for remote workers at this point.

The following requirements:
 * FreeBSD experiance. User level required, Admin level prefered.
 * XML experiance (understanding of its use and its purpose)
 * Extensive MySQL experiance
 * Vast OOP experiance in PHP

The project would suit the following personality:
 * Fast learner and grasps concepts quickly
 * Idea Mad (constantly coming up with ideas spontaniously)
 * Prefers being given an outline and discussing the details, rather
being given a fully mapped out spec documenting down to the statement in
 * Willingness to learn on the fly
 * A passion for coding
 * Someone who percives working as a coder as being paid to do their
hobby, rather than being paid to work 9-5 :P

The project is an extensive object based database engine with a vast
future, more of which I cant discuss on here, but could off list.

NOTE: please CC my email address in on any reply.

Dan Hardiker [[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
ADAM Software & Systems Engineer
First Creative

Dan Hardiker [[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
ADAM Software & Systems Engineer
First Creative

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