They have different versions of this app, one for CF, another one for php, 
another one for ASP, you have to buy it for php if that's what you want, 
personally I don't like the php version, it's a little bit difficult to 
install, but, because we bought the CF version I changed the code from CF 
to PHP and it works great.

I like it because this editor lets you change a lot of things, upload 
images, change fonts, colors, etc.

At 12:07 PM 10/15/2002 -0500, Chris Boget wrote:
> > Check at they have a WYSIWYG editor for coldfusion and php, the
> > name is active edit, I found this tool very useful for some sites, the
> > price is a little bit high but you can get the source code and make some
> > changes.
>Thanks, i'll check it out.
>But it requires ColdFusion to be installed, doesn't it?

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