> I am trying to create an online survey using PHP ...I am using MySQL as
> the database and MAC OS Jaguar. I do not need the results to be added to
> the database. I need to be able to send the results of the survey to an
> email address....I know that this is possible using MS FrontPage but
> with PHP I am not so sure. Please help.

I'm in the middle of a survey project right now, actually, but it's probably
more complex than you need.

The easiest way to do this would be to have your survey be a basic HTML
page. Then use a single PHP processing page. You could just write the value
of $_POST to a variable and send that in your email.

$string = implode("\n",$_POST);

That would just send you the answers though. Apply some extra formatting to
$string to include your questions and you should have what you need.

---John Holmes...

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