When I try to do the two seperate SQL command with the 2nd odbc execution
right after the 1st odbc execution.  It work fine.  Weird!!!!!!

  //SQL Command #1
  $ask .= "WHERE CUSTOMERS.CUSTOMER_ID = '".$_POST['Customer_Id']."'";

  //SQL Command #2
  $ask =  "SELECT * FROM USERS ";
  $ask .= "USERS.USER_LOGON1 = '".$User_Logon1."' AND ";
  $ask .= "USERS.USER_PASS1 = '".$User_Pass1."' ";

"Jay Blanchard" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> [snip]
> With odbc_exec() function, it is able to execute and retrieve the data
> pretty well.  Unfortunately, when the number of fields grow and grow then
> the odbc_exec() return false and a blank data.  I don't get it!  When I
> the SQL command through the database interface, it work like a charm.  So,
> it is a PHP issue.
> Is it a PHP bug?  What's up with that?????
> [/snip]
> Can we see the code involved?
> Jay

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