> Well, the die() function takes a limited number of parameters, which
> you
> noted is why it doesn't like the assignment of the mysql_error() and
> header
> statements both inside the die() function.  So, why not something like
> this:
> $res = mysql_query(.....);
> if ($res == FALSE)  //which is what I _believe_ die() looks at
> /* or at least this is what the manual says the function returns on a
> query
> error */
> {
>     $error = mysql_error();
>     Header("Location: logerror.php?op=insert_error&err_value=$error");

If you do it this way, you'll want to urlencode(), rawurlencode(), or
base64_encode() the $error. You only have to decode on the receiving end
if you use the base64_encode.

---John Holmes...

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