John W. Holmes wrote:
>>Hi All,
>>   still trying to update old code. Am I using $_SESSION properly?
>>   if (mysql_num_rows($res) ==1){
>>   /* If correct start session*/
>>$SESSION_UNAME = $user;
>>header("Location: welcome.php");
>>      mysql_free_result ($res);
> Nope. Just use $_SESSION['SESSION_UNAME'] = $user;
> You can treat $_SESSION just as you would any other array.
> $_SESSION['something'] = "whatever";
> etc... Then, on any page with session_start(), you have the whole
> session array available to you, no matter what page the variable was
> initially created on.
> FYI: use unset($_SESSION['SESSION_UNAME']); to erase a session variable.
  Thanks Rasmus and John,

The sessions are being set in the browser but when checking for them on 
each page I am sent to the error page. I notice that when I upgraded to 
4.2.3 the sessions are no longer stored in the tmp folder. I check the 
ini and the folder and path are there. Anything I am missing?

Checking code

if (!isset($_SESSION['SESSION_UNAME'])){
header("Location: error.php?e=2");


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