Hi Phil,

> > > How often do you need to call mt_srand(); ?  
> > 
> > once per script, before generating any random 
> > numbers
> I can't just have the user load a file called 
> generate.php which has the mt_srand....and then 
> keep calling random.php (which has mt_rand) without
> calling generate.php   right?

Well, you can if it's in one script :-)

Let's say "random.php" looks like this:
    echo mt_rand();

and "main.php" looks like this:
    include ("generate.php"); // seed 
    include ("random.php");
    include ("random.php");
    include ("random.php");

You should be fine. AIUI the call to mt_srand() lasts for the lifecycle of
the script.

Was that what you meant?


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