hi there
I am kind of a newbie to php
so probably I am doing it all the wrong way - if - please tell me

ok heres my problem:
the script:
I have  a user-group-administration script (php4), that loads data from
a textfile and then eables the admin to delete or create new user-passwords.
the script retreives the text data from the text-file and displays the
to every entry there is a delete-button, that sends the number of the entry.
and there are formfields and a new-button that sends the new data.
the script that is called is the same script as the one that does the
e.g. depending on the sent variables the script delets or creates an entry
then displays the new data.

the problem:
if someone uses the back-button of his browser, the data is transferred
again ( at
the moment I do it with POST out of the form), and the actions are executed
e.g. when the user created a new entry, verytime he hits the back-button
will create
a new - similar - entry.

How can I prevent this?
I saw several forms, that displayed this: "form is expired" thing, if you
used the back-button (?).

thanks a lot

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