I'm in the process of writing a very very simple web-based email client, 
just for my personal use, so I can perm-delete all the spam that comes 
in through the day on my home account before i get home.

On the very first connect, its great.. connects, does a 'uidl' which 
lists all the mail ID's (the 'else' part of the if statement below)

The problem lies where I click the generated link and attempt to read a 
message, the browser load just hangs (despite the set_time_limit()) and 
when I cancel it, the server tells me there's another connection active.

I have an fputs($pop, "QUIT\r\n); as well as an fclose($pop); .. 
Shouldn't this be sufficient to make sure the connection is closed 
before my visit to trying to read a message? Or is that not the problem?

I'm thinking its something with the actual ($action == "read") code.. 
but... what would it be?

Thanks for all help!


if (isset($_GET['action']))
   $action = $_GET['action'];
if (isset($_GET['msg']))
   $msg = $_GET['msg'];

$pop = fsockopen("pop.server", 110, $errno, $errstr, 300);


fputs($pop,"USER name\r\n");

fputs($pop,"PASS word\r\n");
$status = fgets($pop,255);

if (substr($status, 0, 4) == "-ERR") {
   echo $status;

if ($action == "read") {
   $cmd = "top $msg 10";
   fputs($pop, $cmd);
   $themsg = fgets($pop);
   echo $themsg;
} else {
   fputs($pop,"uidl\r\n"); // Get list of messages
   $list = fgets($pop,255)."<br>";
   $list = substr($list, 4, strpos($list, " ", 3));
   for ($i = 1; $i <= $list; $i++) {
     $curr = fgets($pop);
     echo "<a href=\"?action=read&msg=".substr($curr, 0, strpos($curr, " 
   echo "<br>$list messages";

echo fgets($pop);


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