I had the same thing just two days ago. This is what happend:

I have some code using include files in this way:

1 <?php
3 // some php code
4 include("xlib.inc");
5 // some php code
7 ?>

The include file looks like

1 <?php
2 // some code
3 ?>

The problem was in line 3 of the include file. If there is a line feed 
behind ?> , the code does not work -> gives a blank page just like yours.
Removing that linefeed solved my problem.

I did not yet figure out why this happend. It has someting to do with 
html headers being send. The line feed behind ?> is considered HTML 
output, so headers are send at that point. Somehow the rest of the 
PHP-code gets lost.

Anyway... with a little luck this could be of any help to you.

Good luck


Angel Gabriel wrote:

>... I've got PHP working, on my server, I know this because I used that
>small PHP script that shows all the variables, and that worked fine. The
>problem seems to be that every other script shows me a blank pages. I'm
>using redhat 7.3,  and I installed PHP, MySQL and Apache from RPM's and they
>are all up2date - I have no idea what I could have missed. Has anyone else
>encountered a similar problem, and if so, how did you remedy it? I have
>followed the install instructions to the letter, and I can't seem to find
>what the problem is. Any suggestions, hints or tips, greatfully recieved!
>Thanks in advance.
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