I'm not 100% sure, but I think the answer you seek lies in the server, 
and not php.  You may have to set your webserver to reconize *.php as FP 
files that it needs to parse, or set it to where it parses *.htm for 
php.  Is this running on IIS, Apache, or something else?

Shaun wrote:
> Hi ,
> I used ms frontpage 2000 to make a website. When
> i comepleted the site , i had to study php to enable database
> capabilities. When i changed my login.htm file into login.php,
> ms frontpage did not recognize the .php file. All the navigational
> links/views were removed from the login.php file. Can i enable frontpage
> to work with php.
> if not , what program would you use ?
> Thanks ,Shaun

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