On Thu, 17 Oct 2002, 1LT John W. Holmes wrote:

> > My logging application is feeding a MySQL database with data records
> > that are time stamped with GMT time.  I would like to query the database
> > for records matching local time(eg. all records created on oct
> > 17,2002 local time).  I would prefer if the records could be formated
> > in local time when returned from MySQL.  What is the best way to do this.
> I don't know if there is an automatic way to do it, but if you know you are
> 5 hours ahead of GMT for example, and you want all records for Oct 17, 2002
> GMT+5, then you could do this:
> SELECT * FROM  your_table WHERE TO_DAYS(datetime_column + INTERVAL 5 HOUR) =
> TO_DAYS(20021017)
> You can use DATE_FORMAT() in your query to reformat the MySQL timestamp, or
> use UNIX_TIMESTAMP() to retrieve a unix timestamp instead and format it in
> PHP. With the above query, the "5" and actual date "20021017" can be PHP
> variables, to make it more flexible.
> ---John Holmes...

Where it gets messy is when daylight saving kicks in.  Knowing what
dates are included with standard or daylight savings time offsets is a
problem.  It gets more complicated when I want to return a distinct date
record set from the timestamp column.


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