Hi People,

I'm having problems with the dba extension.

An application I've written using db2 is working beautifully on my
machine, but due to various reasons, the machine it's supposed to work on
can have anything but db2 as the database backend.

I've tried gdbm, ndbm and db3, and they all have the same problem - if
I've just written to the database, I can't open it again for about 5
minutes - the php page just prints the "Warning: driver initialization
failed in blahblah.php" error.  After leaving it for a while, it starts
working again.

I've abstracted the database through a class, which opens the database and
syncs all writes, but it doesn't automatically close it (without the use
of a destructor, there isn't anywhere I could sensibly put code to do it).

I've tried dba_open and dba_popen, and both demonstrate the same problem.

Anybody got any tips for this?

Giles Constant, Systems Programmer
Hyperlink Interactive

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