On 10/24/2002 04:19 PM, Bobby wrote:
Hello, I know XP (argh...)
Anyways, I written a script where a user can upload a gif or jpeg and then I
email it to an email address. Now, everything works fine, the reciever can
view the attachments in Squirell Mail, Outlook Express, and Outlook (both
are Office 2000  versions). But under outlook for Office XP pro, it doesn't
even display that there is an attachment. I was wondering, are there some
email headers that I must send as well for XP to see it? Also, Outlook Xp
can see email attachments when I send from an email client so I don't think
it's a Xp settings issue.
It may be one of many bugs of the mail function.

You may want to try this class for composing and sending messages that can be used to send messages with attachments and has built-in workaround for many of the mail() function quirks:



Manuel Lemos

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