Hi all !

What I am missing?
I have script using IMAP function to open my mailbox- First I open the IMAP
using imap_open. After I read all my messages in my INBOX, up until now,
everything goes well. Now I want to open other folders and I can't.

I've trying these following functions:
- imap_getmailboxes
- imap_listmailbox
- imap_scanmailbox

$list = imap_getmailboxes($mbox,"{}","*");
if (!is_null($list)) {
print "($key) ";
print imap_utf7_decode($val->name).",";
print "'".$val->delimiter."',";
print $val->attributes."<br>\n";


$list = imap_listmailbox($mbox,"{}","*");
if(is_array($list)) {
 while (list($key, $val) = each($list))
   print imap_utf7_decode($val)."<br>\n";
} else
 print "imap_listmailbox a échoué: ".imap_last_error()."\n";

Nothing wouldn't work well with me?

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