There are classes on that attempt to do this.  It's been
discussed MANY times before.

There are a couple of methods:

1. sessions -- count your active sessions

2. counters -- each time a page is acessed, log it with a time stamp...
after 30 seconds (or whatever you decide is enuff time), delete it... the
total count of logged requests is a rough guide to how many people are

3. a combination of the two... you can use the session id to ensure that if
one user visits 8 pages in 30 seconds, it doesn't appear that he/she is 8
users instead of one.

Seriously, check the archives, dig around phpclasses... i know it's been
done to death :)


on 25/10/02 5:01 AM, Plasje ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Hi there,
> After a long search I still have the problem getting the amount of users
> that is logged in on a specific moment.
> Can anybody help me out on which function or variable to use?
> Thanks in advance
> Robert

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