Hi olinux

I wonder how to do that :)
i mean converting static pages to database driven web site.
looking for your comments & sugessions / code


olinux wrote:
Depending on the size and current format, you may want
to import everything into the CMS. Might work well for
searching etc.

I recently converted our companies static website
(11,000 pages - we're a magazine publisher) to a mysql
database. Tough work, but not as gruelling as it
sounds. I wrote a script to parse thru the static html
files and grab the title article and date. Also made
use of the naming conventions to construct the date. A
couple days work to get something that worked
accurately for the different article formats but well
worth it.

Putting together index page and archives pages is
pretty much cake work. A simple query will grab todays
news, the past week, a month from 2000 or whatever.

You can email me if you'd like some code pieces.


--- Maxim Maletsky <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

You could leave the site links the way they are by
working out a good
logic within apache's mod_rewtire routine. So,
basically you would
install CMS for the site and forward there the whole
site's used links

It's the most elegant solution, but not the easiest
to accomplish. I
have done that once for a site with over 600Mb of
static pages. It was a
site for the printed magazine.

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Tariq Murtaza <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote... :

Try postnuke.com

Ashley M. Kirchner wrote:

   I need to add some type of Content

Management System to an already existing

site.  All my client wants to be able to do is

adding new articles every week,

and have the system update the main (index) page

with those articles (adding

excerpts and keep a list of published articles.)

The criteria is that the

current index page has to stay the way it is

now, just the management has to be

somewhat automated.  Right now everything is

being done manually, every article

manually linked in the index page and the little

excerpts written out by hand.

   Can anyone suggest a CMS program that I can

feed the current page to and

have it work without having to rewrite the whole

site into the CMS program?

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