This depends on the filesystem used, but I would recomend you to organized them by year. Now you
have few hundred articles, two or three years later it might be 1000, and reorganize it then would be
much harder then to create the directories now.

Monty wrote:

This is a more general server question: I know that having a large number of
files in one folder can slow down a web server, but, how many would it take
for this to be a problem? Wondering if I should store all articles for a
content site in one big 'articles' folder with each article having it's own
folder within (/articles/article_id/), or if I should organize them by year
then article name (/articles/2002/article_id). The site will only produce a
few hundred articles a year. I'd like the keep the file structure shallow
and simple if possible, but, if it could potentially slow the server down by
putting so many folder in one I'll split them up more.


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