I have a single page site I'm working on that displays the contents of your
current session.  Users can clear the contents by clicking a link that
triggers a $PHP_SELF?clear=1 - Before any headers are sent out, the script
checks for $_GET['clear'], and if it's set, it does a session_destroy();.
For some reason though, the contents of the session are STILL displayed
until you do a refresh on the page.  However, for some bizarre reason, if I
call session_start() at the very beginning, call session_destroy(); and then
session_start() AGAIN after the destroy, it seems to work like it's supposed
to.  Is this a bug, or is it working properly?  Also - I'm sure there's a
better method than this - Any suggestions on what that might be?  If there
are no better methods well... Are there any downsides to what I'm doing?

Below is a "sample" version of the script, to give you an idea of what I
mean incase my ramblings above didn't make sense. Thanks!.


session_start();                // Start the session

if (isset($_GET['clear'])) {
   session_destroy();             // If they chose to clear the session, then we do

session_start();                          // Start it again; it works for whatever 


(some other stuff)


   Here I just print out whatever's in the session.  Unless session_start is
   the second time after the destroy, a user will have to click refresh
before the
   data appears to be gone

if (isset($_SESSION['states'])) {
   foreach ($_SESSION['states'] as $value) {
      echo "$value<br/>\n";

// and lastly, here's our "clear session" link below
<a href="index.php?clear=1">Clear the session</a>

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